WTH Gaming Community SQUAD Server Rules

Welcome to WTH gaming!

Our goal is to develop and maintain a community adhering to the principles of teamwork, communication and mutual respect. We are friendly and welcoming however do not tolerate toxic behaviour. We strive to maintain an environment which is both enjoyable by veterans and new players alike. Please read the rules below or follow the link.


Discord: https://discord.gg/wth


Admin team reserves rights to remove any players whose behaviour is disruptive  or breaking any of the rules / guidelines written below.



      1. Admins are present on the server in the “Admins” squads
      2. If admins are not present or are not responding – you can reach out to them to file a report, ban appeal etc. thru the discord in the complaints channel

General Behaviour


      1. Avoid being toxic, disruptive,disrespectful, racist, hateful or argue excessively
      2. Adhere to principles of sportsmanship and fair play (cheats, hacks, glitches, exploits, leaking info to the other side etc will not be tolerated.)
      3. Avoid excessive spawn camping – completely blocking the enemy main base for an extended period of time.
      4. Do not misuse the (WTH) community prefix
      5. Resolve conflicts in a mature and respectful manner, always apologise for team killing or other accidents. No retaliatory team killing – this may result in a ban – contact admins instead.
      6. Do not advertise other communities/servers/products/services
      7. No discussions related to politics or religion.

New Players


      1. It is encouraged to inform SQL and other squad members if you are new.
      2. Work your way from bottom-up. Start with tutorial and basic infantry roles such as rifleman or medic. Listen, learn, follow orders.
      3. Excessive TK, wasting of team assets such as helicopters, vehicles etc. will be punished
      4. Veteran players should support newcomers, however veteran squads are allowed – new players need to be respectfully declined and informed.



      1. Primary server/command language is English, foreign squads need to have language description in the name (Infantry – GER etc.)
      2. Commander, Squad leaders, vehicle operators must have microphone and communicate
      3. Squad leader might require all squad members to have a microphone
      4. Use of microphone for other roles is strongly encouraged but not required
      5. Avoid unnecessary command chatter, being obnoxious – hot miking, soundboard – keep it to minimum.

Squad Leaders/Commander


    1. Microphone, communication is mandatory
    2. CMD/SQL roles are primarily designated for experienced players or people who want to learn the role and are able to communicate.
    3. Do not create, then leave a squad. SQLs must have SQL kit.
    4. Lead by example. Higher standards are expected in terms of communication and general behaviour.
    5. If you are a SQL for a armour/vic squad leave the commander role to the infantry squads.



      1. Locking of squads is allowed only when a squad has a minimum of 4 players or in case of specialised squads such as heli, tank, logi, mortars etc. (the name of the squad needs to reflect such specialisation)
      2. No inappropriate, racist, offensive squad names 
      3. SQL can remove any member from the squad – providing reason is encouraged, but not mandatory.



      1. You may only have one vehicle claim per squad (Can use other vics if no one is using them while you wait for yours to spawn)
      2. Name of the squad needs to reflect the name of the asset they want to claim e.g. APC/IFV/LOGI/TANK/HELI or direct name of the asset T72 etc.
      3. Squad which names themself first, gets the priority (avoid ambiguous names – tank will get priority over armour etc.)
      4. Armoured vehicles (Tanks, IFVs, APCs) require at least 2 personnel to operate (no soloing, excludes light armour (BRDM, TIGR, MRAP, Bulldogs etc))
      5. Helis must be in a locked, named squad – 3 persons max. (It is vital for heli crew to have direct access to command chat due to the importance of fob co-ordination)
      6. Tanks/IFVs must be in a locked, named squad – 4 persons max. (It is vital for tanks/IFV crew to have direct access to command chat, due to their high ticket cost)



    1. Seeding rules are in effect generally until the server reaches 50 active players (25vs25) or the message “Server is now live” is broadcasted.
    2. Fight over middle CP in case of odd flag number. Fight between both middle CPs in case of even number of flags.
    3. Do not use emplacements during seeding.
    4. Do not place FOBs/HABs within 150m of the contested Flag. Do not hunt/destroy enemy FOBs/HABs.
    5. Do not use any armour during seeding (I.E. any vehicle that requires a crewman kit)