WTH Gaming Community

WTH originally started to grow with a small group of friends who found and played Hell Let Loose in the beginning stages of its release into beta. It has since attracted new members and grown from the original handful of people to thousands of discord members and hundreds of WTH clan members from all over the world!

Today, WTH is a place for players of many games to meet, in various genres. The main ones still being HLL and Squad of which we have multiple servers that we pride on keeping non-toxic and friendly. 

Our rules are simple and we stick to them, the foundations of which are respect, friendliness and making sure to have a good time.
Anyone looking for a non-toxic, friendly place to meet other players of your favourite games, WTH is the place.


We are welcoming, trustful and carnivores.

We Are WTH: the Wolves of War.

What The Hell

Gaming Community
Since 2019

At WTH we play a variation of different games and gametypes. For some of the games we run our own gameservers.

Here are a few games that we play:

You would like to support us, or become a VIP and skip the queue to get in one of our servers?


Then become a WTH Patreon!


We also have plans for other communities to whitelist their teams on our Hell Let Loose and Squad servers.

You can get a fancy Discord colour too…

For the price of a cup of coffee a month, you can help us out greatly.

We do not charge or expect any donations from our friends or members to be a part of WTH. We are and always will be, focused on providing a friendly/fun atmosphere to meet new friends and play games casually/competitively.

We have many volunteers who give their time to us to sort/fix/prepare/administrate and work on WTH daily as well as all the heroes who seed our servers and make this one of the friendliest groups you’ll ever met.

We are very proud of WTH as a whole and hope that our community will live on for years to come and stay the friendly, fun meme that is always has been.